The Ordo Obscurus

We are the Templars. For twenty-one centuries, we have been the bright line between the innocents and the darkness. You came to us in search of a purpose, so mark this...

There is no purpose greater than ours.

And now there is no purpose greater than yours.

We have one goal; to rule the world on our own premise and rid it of evil. All evil. If we must tolerate the Illuminati and the Dragon for now it is because we know that their day will come. Structure, discipline, wealth, tradition, military might; that's how we fight the rising darkness. We are thousands of years old, but age doesn't matter when the Cause is timeless.

We are traditional, ruthless, uncompromising, and incorruptible. Templar HQ London, The Secret World

We are incorruptible, aren't we?

Aren't you?

I know you've felt it. Something dark within you. Maybe you know the cause of it; perhaps you don’t, not yet. Something happened to you, or you caught something, or you inherited it, or you owe a black Faustian debt. In some awful way, you are different that your brother and sister Templars, and you’re screwed, mate. Damaged goods. Trouble. There’s something in Dame Tyburn’s eyes that says that she doesn't quite trust you, something about the way Sonnac won’t let you see your files, something like pity in Brigadier Lethe’s eyes when his glance shifts from the chained rakshasas in the Crucible to you.

Templars: Lethe, Sonnac, Tyburn

Maybe you feel some sympathy for those chained devils.

Chained rakshasa demons, the Templar Crucible

They said that "once you're with us, you will never stand alone”. Yet surrounded by Templars, you have been alone a very, very, very long time, haven’t you? So you've come to us. Did you seek us out or were you told that it was the Oh-Oh or a bodybag? They always find their way here. It is said that we Templars will use any tool to fight the darkness. We are the weapon they would like to forget about.

We became their worst and first special forces unit - the legion of the damned, their chained rakshasas that they despise, but that they keep around because they’re useful. Damned useful. Damned, and also useful...

Filth attacking TemplarsThe Ordo Obscurus has been around nearly as long as the Templars themselves. Back upon a time, if a Templar fell to the darkness, went mad, or was infected by Filth, he was put down like a mad dog. It got to a point, however, when the Templars decided that they will use any means to fight the darkness. So they gathered us up, gave us our own unit, our own private little sewer of a meeting place, and put us into the worst places they could find, hoping we’d take some of the Great Enemy down with us when we fell. If we were unfortunate enough to live through it, they found someplace worse.

The Ordo Obscurus were the last units killed by the Vandals during the sack of Carthage. Our bones paved Charlemagne’s path through Germany as we fought the Saxons. It hasn't all been military actions, though, occasionally we’re the sacrificial lambs. We volunteered to fight a losing battle against King Phillip in 1307... we were the face of the Templars that he wanted to see. Phillip’s men killed every last man in the Ordo Obscurus, but there were more fallen Templars before long and they had to resurrect the unit. The Templars sent us to care for the sick in Vienna during the black plague. We did the Inquisition's dirty work in the 1,400s, but that was for the best. Mostly a cover up anyway. Georgie used us to beat on the Colonials later on, but the Illuminati had that sewn up well before we got there. We were sent to collect taxes during the potato famine, and kill off the peasants that were starving enough to eat the Filth-infected ones - men, women and children. We were sent to infiltrate German storehouses in world war two to retrieve their various anima-infused relics before the Americans got there with the Lumies. Most of the folks who touched that stuff went immediately mad; we ended up killing more of our own than the Germans did. The last unit historian told me, before she died, that it beat the hell out of being on the wrong end of Nagasaki, though.

Up to us to write the new history. Vietnam. The bloody stupid Falklands. Iraq? Syria? Oh, wasn’t that a mess. Don’t worry, there’s new places popping up all the time. They tell me that the newest ones of our brothers and sisters are being shipped out to the colonies, to Maine. I imagine half of ‘em will get killed by the Illuminati and the other half by whatever else they have there. Though you new lot are tough. The brigadier says it’s the bees.

So tell me, what are you doing here? It’s not like they trust us with the paperwork. No wait... let me guess. Did you find out your great grandma opened her knees to something she shouldn't have and that you’re not quite as human as you look? No? Hm... a curse on your family line? Those are popular. What about a deal with the devil in return for whatever anima you possess? Haven’t had one of those in the unit since the last one was killed. Black karma in a past life? Possession by a loa that just won’t quite leave? Maybe you’re one of those cultist types that found power and is now tryin’ to do the right thing? That’d be novel. Still no? 

Maybe they told you to come down here and keep an eye on us? 

I guess it doesn’t matter, because it’s your funeral. Life expectancy of us degenerates is somewhat less than a year...

Ordo Obscurus logo, Templars


Out of Character:

List of Ordo Obscurus Characters (Chronicle) link HERE. You can contact any of us in-game for more information or to meet up for some IC roleplay. We like RPing with new people - so don't be shy.

The Templars' purpose is to purge the world of darkness. Originally, any Templar that was found to have made a deal with the infernal, practice dark magic, or be infected by filth was killed out of hand to maintain the Templars’ purity. In the mid fourth century, they decided to collect all of the "fallen” Templars into one reviled and carefully-monitored suicide squad that they called the Ordo Obscurus, or "Order of the Blackened Ones”. The idea was that this was a suicide detail, and that the fallen would take out as many of the enemy they could as they died. The Oh-Oh, as they’re called, have been doing the worst sort of dirty work for the Templars since that time. They have been sent on hopeless missions, committed necessary atrocities, and were sent to be the scapegoats for King Philip on the Valentine’s Day Massacre that theoretically ended the public existence of the Knights Templar.

There are many different roleplaying reasons for your character to join the Ordo Obscurus. Here are some of them (there are many more):

1. The Templars REALLY don't like your Templar. Maybe he's a drunk. Maybe she's a murderer. Maybe a malcontent or discipline problem or you just pissed off the wrong people. Maybe you know someone's dirty little secret and they're trying to get you killed before you blab. Regardless, someone, somewhere, signed you up to bravely die in the line of duty, preferably sooner rather than later.

2. There is something REALLY wrong with your Templar. For instance, perhaps he fought a demon, and won, but now the demon has grafted itself to your soul, and is forever sharing your brain and your thoughts. Perhaps she can't help it, the dark rituals her family used to do before she was rescued as a child by the Templars have forever opened her consciousness to the whispers of the Enemy. Perhaps you're suffering from thaumaturgic PTSD that makes you unstable.  Perhaps he was involved in a cult, or practiced black magic. Maybe he sacrificed an innocent to save himself. Perhaps she did it to save her family or her loved ones. It might not even be your fault - it could be a bloodline curse or a non-human ancestor in your family. Regardless, someone, somewhere decided you were unfit for duty with the regular Templars, a liability rather than an asset, and figured that putting you in the OO was kinder than a firing squad.

3. Maybe you're a here to make sure we don't misbehave. It’s also possible that your character is a top-of-the-line Templar, one that's loved and trusted by Temple Hall. Perhaps you're here as a Seeker, someone that the Templars have assigned to the Ordo Obscurus to make sure that they are doing the bidding of the Templars. 

Regardless of their screwups, past mistakes, or flaws, 
all of the folk of the Ordo Obscurus joined the Templars for a reason,
so please make sure your character has a reason to be a Templar, 
and a reason to be the Ordo Obscurus.  
Remember our motto is "Damned Useful" - so be damned and be useful!

Cabal Government Structure:

Note that within the unit, there is absolutely zero respect for rank. All of these "people" are considered the lowest of the low among Templars, and therefore it's not like they can lord their authority over each other. The greatest of the Ordo Obscurus is less than the least regular Templar, so what sense does any sort of honor attached to their rank mean?

In character, there are three ranks. Rakshasa, Officer, and Commander. We have one Commander (the cabal leader), and a few IC officers. The Seekers stand outside of the chain of command and report directly to the Inquisition. They are still full members of the cabal. From an IC perspective, this isn't the kind of group that takes command-and-control management well. There are only very, very, very rare occasions where "orders" are given. On a day to day basis, cabal management is more like a biker gang or a band of visigoths than a military unit.  

After all, if these people were good soldiers, they wouldn't be in the Ordo Obscurus.

Our cabal bank operates like a lost and found and everyone has full permissions to withdraw whatever they want from it.

Colors, Motto, and Regalia:

The sigil of the Ordo Obscurus is a Templar cross, but at an angle so that it looks like an X, reminiscent of the posts that the rakshasas are chained on in the crucible. This is also a bit of a play on the fact that the Oh-Oh are Templars that are off-center. The year 1307 is noted at the top, as the highest purpose of the Ordo Obscurus was to be given unto King Philip IV in 1307 as a sacrifice to save the rest of the order (LINK).

The unofficial modern slogan of the Oh-Oh is "Damned. Useful." because they are damned useful, and also damned and useful, much like the chained rakshasas in the Crucible.


In the Devil's Due, the Templars, as an organization, are played in line with the game canon. While the Oh-Oh march to the beat of a different drum, we RP the Templars, as a whole, are as presented in the game. As we see it, the Templars are about like a tough police force in a large city in any western-style democracy. They're trying to do the right thing and protect the population. They have internal policies to try to keep the "police" from doing bad things (corruption, unnecessary force, abuse of power). There might be individual small departments or individuals that are corrupt or evil or altruistic or good, BUT the group as a whole is not really good or evil. 

The Templars, as we see it, aren't the good guys. They're the greater good guys.

Good is different than "nice" and the Templar seem to have a wide tolerance for collateral damage in pursuit of their goals.

We have expanded Templar RP with the Inquisition. The Templar cause and purpose is fighting the supernatural evils that prey on humanity. Therefore, as an Order, the Templars are an incredibly gifted group of people that are called on to make difficult decisions on a daily basis. The Inquisition is there to support this cause by watching over the Templars themselves. The main goal of the Inquisition is to serve as an internal watchdog within the Templars to make sure that the integrity of the Templars is maintained through a system of internal discipline where fairness and justice are assured by an objective and impartial investigation and review. To this end, the Inquisition receives, investigates, and resolves complaints of misconduct among the Templars. The purpose of the Inquisition is three-fold: To protect the Templar Order from the misconduct of a few, to protect individual Templars from false or misinformed allegations of misconduct, and to protect the innocent from Templar malfeasance or misconduct.

If you're interested, there is more information here (LINK)


Many Templar cabals are filled with White Knights. Good people doing good deeds for good reasons.

This is not one of them.

What is the general feel of of the Ordo Obscurus? Black, tragic, and surly. These folks have nothing left to lose. The personalities in the Oh-Oh tend to be highly unstable. Therefore there are a lot of arguments and fights between the various members of the unit. Some characters simply cannot be left alone together or there will be violence. Of course, this is all agreed-upon and coordinated beforehand and OOC. However, when assailed by an outside threat, the Oh-Oh band together and close ranks. You can't mess with one of them without messing with all of them.

The primary source of inspiration is "The Dirty Dozen". (If you haven't seen it, you should. It's fabulous.) The Dirty Dozen were a bunch of soldiers that were convicts and criminals in WW2 on the eve of the D-Day Invasion. They were sent on a suicide mission with the hope that they would die in the process. The movie is actually (loosely) based on the true story of the Filthy Thirteen.

Another source of inspiration of the band of soldiers with complicated pasts is the French Foreign Legion of the 1800s.

Take a pinch of the weird and sometimes self-destructive characters from Inglourious Basterds and add the drama, tragedy, and nobility of Saving Private Ryan with just a dash of League of Extraodinary Gentlemen (the comic - pay no attention to the movie) and that crazy admixture would be something like the rakshasas, the Order of the Blackened Ones, the Ordo Obscurus.