Metaconspiracy Information

The Secret World is a grim place. It is said that that dark days are here, and that all the centuries of conspiracy and containment have failed in the dawning light of the 21st century. The Filth runs rampant over Tokyo. Monsters wake in Maine. Ancient, unfathomable evil stirs beneath the sands of Egypt.

Despite everything, the chaos and turmoil one truth still remains. For every piece of power, for every night the darkness is held back, for every tiny moment of joy snatched from the jaws of an uncaring world...

There is ALWAYS a cost.

And sooner or later, you always have to pay the Devil’s Due.

What is The Devil’s Due?

The Devil’s Due is a group of allied roleplaying cabals that provides a platform for people to explore the the Secret World via roleplay. We focus on consequence driven RP, and do not shy away from dark, tragic, violent, adult, and taboo aspects of our character's stories.

We are loosely based on the Arcadia and Leviathan servers but move between them (and the other servers) freely.  We operate 24/7/365 and are spread across multiple countries, cultures, and time-zones.  The majority of our players are in the US. Our primary language is English.

What do you do?

We tell stories. We are primarily RPers though will often team up for PvE and PvP excursions.

What you can expect from membership in this group:

  • 2-3 planned RP events each month.

  • Having a good, friendly, creative pool of people around to start casual RP.

  • Encouragement, advice, and support in running your own RP events within the cabal.  We want to see what sort of RP stories you come up with!

  • A large, active, private, ad-free website for talking about the game, posting stories about your character, or collaborating with other authors.

  • A group of ready-made friends for grouping up with for quests and dungeons.

  • The ability to play your Dragon, Illuminati, and Templar characters together with the same group of metaconspirators.

How do I get involved?

We’re always looking for mature, creative, responsible and fun people! There's more information on our recruiting page. Once you apply, the whole metaconspiracy is invited to review your application which usually takes 4-6 weeks.  Our membership, not the cabal leaders, are the ones who make the recruiting decisions.

I have questions - who should I contact?

Hopefully this website will answer most of your questions (check the links at the top). If you still have questions get in touch with Thym or Cicileus or any other member of the Devil's Due.


Metaconspiracy is the term we use to refer to our website and people OOC.

Why have a metaconspiracy?

Because it keeps our core group of people together, where we can enjoy each other's enthusiasm, energy, and creativity when we want to play alternate characters in other factions. No matter what character people are playing, we are still playing with the same network of friends and rivals!

Metaconspiracy, Out of Character

There are three in-game cabals that are associated with this website. (Dragon, Illuminati, and Templar). Members of the metaconspiracy can put characters in one or more of these in-game cabals as they choose.

These three cabals are based on our website. We all chat, organize, RP, and plan events here. The term "The Devil's Due" is entirely an OOC term to refer to the troupe of players.

These three cabals have one application process. Once a player is part of the metaconspiracy, they’re welcome throughout the three cabals.

We have a custom in-game chat channel for the entire metaconspiracy. This chat channel is OOC. (Cabal chat is IC.) Even if someone is on a non-Devil's Due character, they're still welcome on our chat because the PLAYER is part of the Devil's Due.


We have one common code of conduct that we expect our players to observe that stresses polite and mature behavior.

Our only activity requirement is that you have at least one character in one Devil's Due cabal, that you log into the game and play with Devil's Due people once a month, and that you log into our website once a month.  We figure that logging in once a month isn't too onerous. If someone will be gone for longer than a month, they can leave a note in our ‘leave of absence’ forum.  

We are a casual cabal. There are no mandatory raids or events; we understand you have a Real Life to live and that it’s more important than a game.

Alternate Characters

Once people are accepted into the metaconspiracy, they may put characters in any of the cabals that are appropriate for their character(s). They can sprinkle alts around, or not. Or put them in other cabals outside of the Devil's Due. It's all good. That is a good way to build links with other cabals for RP.  


The three cabals are RP-focused and encourage casual play. You do not have to participate in any event that doesn't appeal to you. You do not have to play a certain number of hours per week or to have characters of a certain faction rank. We want you to play this game in whatever way makes you happy and harms no one.

The metaconspiracy is here to serve the players (not the other way around), and exists solely in order to enhance the game experience of the players. We want to make the game more fun and interesting for you.


All three cabals have a focus on RP and strive to create fun, player-driven RP. This group is big on personal responsibility and personal initiative. The real power and creativity of this group is in the hands of the individual members! Each member of the metaconspiracy is encouraged to create and run their own RP events. This might be corralling people to go listen to a Radio Free Gaia show, or setting up a speed-dating event at the Horned God, or exploring a character's dark history. The cabal leaders and officers aren't going to hand you a canned plot; it's your job to come up with content and we'll help you coordinate it.

Endgame Content

It's not a big deal, or a major part of our activity, but we definitely do endgame content. Sometimes we do it in-character. For instance, a lair raid might be done in-character to find and recover a magical relic that is part of a larger RP plotline. We have a stable of perhaps 15-20ish nightmare-geared characters that are more than happy to help people run elites and get nightmare qualified, as well as teach new people the ropes of nightmares. We also run the NY Raid a few Sundays each month.

We do not ever require use of voice chat (though we provide members with a 10 slot Mumble server if they want it). This is because we're a casual group so it's not usually critical for our PvE and dungeons. If you want to use voice chat, that's great. If you don't, that's great, too. Do what's best for you.

The cabal banks function like a lost-and-found. Generally, people are generous with money, extra signets, and materials (we’re also not real hung up on gear).


The goal of this metaconspiracy is to build a system that is bigger and more resilient than any one single individual and that can continue to grow and thrive without and beyond the inputs of the leadership. Our cabal leaders and officers have redundant overlapping privileges on the website and in all three cabals. This means the cabal leaders and officers can focus on their real lives and even go on vacation with plenty of other people to share the load. We've been around since August 2012 and we see no reason to stop.

Our metaconspiracy leadership style is a "benign dictatorship”. The cabal leaders make the decisions by consensus and get things done. They often consider input from officers and metaconspiracy members, but the final decision rests with the cabal leaders. This means it's the members' responsibility to make sure to give the cabal leaders feedback and to let them know what the members want.


The RP options with having three separate, and at least slightly antagonistic, groups trying to work together is pretty interesting and full of potential IC drama.

The three cabals have different purposes and procedures and your character(s) will have separate and individual reasons for seeking out, being assigned to, or getting recruited by these cabals. You will have to work with the separate cabals to develop RP reasons to become a member of the cabals.

While these groups have some familiarity with each other, they have no formal ties. (Remember, the Devil's Due is an OOC group, not an IC group!) They swap favors but they don't trust each other (or even like each other sometimes). There is significant friction between the three groups that has neared the level of "outright warfare" a couple of times. The cabal leaders like the dramatic tension because they feel it leads to better RP and encourage the mistrust and tension. The hard feelings are ONLY in character, out of character we're all friends.