Horseman Resources

Somebody's been bad. I approve. Mind if I come in? Time is ticking, so I'll cut straight to the chase.

I work in talent acquisition, specializing in a highly unconventional sector for a very particular client.

And they're particularly interested in your kind of talent. Fucking stuff up… putting it back together. Altering the fabric of space and time. Basic thaumaturgy.

My client is only interested in the best of the best. That's where I come in. Your talent is raw, but it's... obvious.

My client has the means to refine that talent and make the most of what you've got, and I'm not talking about money.

Well, not just money.

Protection. Power. The best parties in the biz.

We're prepared to give you a unique opportunity. A chance to prove you've got what it takes to hang with the big boys and girls. To rule the world. It's up to you to grab that opportunity by the balls.

Based on what I've seen so far, you might be what I'm looking for. Or… you might end up dead. Time will tell. Tick... tock.

You have an appointment tomorrow in Brooklyn that I'd recommend you keep.

There's no address. Consider this the commencement of your official interview.

Find us.

Or we'll find you.

My client has... eyes everywhere.

Don't be stupid.

Later, gator!

The prospect leaped. I hate it when they do that. Duck and roll, the armored plates in my leather coat were far more reassuring than the talisman around my wrist, even if they were less effective. Claws shredded the floor where I'd been standing a second before.

"I told you not to be stupid."

I was outmatched here, but fortunately, I had backup, as indicated by the laser sights blooming on the behemoth's chest. He was smart, which was why I'd chosen to try to recruit him. So he knew what that meant - next move was his. The five red-hued eyes of the Achiyalatopa narrowed, and it flung feathers from it's wing-crest at me, and they morphed into flint knives in the air.

It died in spellfire and NATO 7.62s before the knives got halfway to me. I think it died. The body disintegrated into feathers and so that kinda left the permanency of it's demise uncertain.

"Stand down, recruit is terminated," called my handler. She was a big dog - one of the council. I could hear safeties clicking and foci powering down over my heartbeat, but not by much.

She walked over, shaking her head sadly poking at the pile of bloody feathers with a heavy boot and waving in the ‘cleaners’.

"You told him not to be stupid..."


It's all about power. Grabbing it, keeping it, using it. Power is our currency. Our DNA. Our god. We control the world. Blackmail, treason, deceit, these are our stock and trade. We shake down demons and negotiate with sorcerers. We have stocks in hell, and compromising photos of angels.

And sure, you can shake down a demon, negotiate with a sorcerer, play the activist investor game in hell, and blackmail angels… but it's far, far, far more useful to recruit them.

The world is a bad place. Dark days are here, baby. Wendigo biker gangs. Vampires running Hollywood. Ghouls staffing the local burger franchise. Fledgling bees blowing up their apartments. Some of these guys just want to get along, nibble gently on the edges of human society, lay low. That’s okay. Unexplained disappearances are expected to happen and a low-and-acceptable level of human casualties is the price of peace so that the Home Office in Brooklyn can do the things they need to do without interruption. We have bigger problems to deal with at the moment than the extermination of otherwise minor magical threats.

But a few of these guys have some real potential, and that’s where Horsemen Resources comes in.

We work in talent acquisition, specializing in a highly unconventional sector for a very particular client. And they're particularly interested in this kind of talent. Fucking stuff up... putting it back together. Altering the fabric of space and time. Basic thaumaturgy. My client is only interested in the best of the best.

And my client doesn’t care if you’re wearing a gas mask to hide your grotesque features in polite company.

In fact, my client only cares about one thing.


You have a little bit of it; that’s how I found you. So now you have three choices.

1) Join up.

The world is a bad place, and my client is willing to use any means necessary, regardless of the cost, and that includes putting you on the payroll. The Illuminati can do something modestly useful with you. Not only that, you play ball with us and we'll take good care of you and those things you call family. While some might call this a protection racket - and they wouldn't be far wrong on that - the good news is that it is a *protection* racket. We'll see you're taken care of, that you get what you need, and that you leave humanity mostly alone and ignorant so the Illuminati can focus on important things.

2) Step aside.

You can go back to your life, such as it is. Don’t get out of line. Did I mention that the Illuminati don't want you on the news? Don't draw attention to yourself. Our job is to keep Kristin Geary's desk completely free of incident reports where things like you are involved.

Our client has eyes everywhere. You don’t want us coming back.

3) Throw down.

We’re a shoot ‘em or recruit ‘em type of outfit. We don’t want to do this the hard way, but we are happy to oblige if you insist on it.

Time will tell. Tick... tock.

Consider this the commencement of your official interview.


Out of Character Overview:

Horseman Resources (or as they are sometimes called "HR”) are Illuminati talent scouts/monster hunters. They try to recruit supernaturals to work for, or at least with, the Illuminati. If the supernaturals agree, then HR tries to help out the supernaturals. In many respects, HR are the good guys, and are just looking to keep the peace in the least violent way possible. HR’s job is to keep the supernatural community from bothering the Illuminati so the home office can focus on bigger threats. Think of them like the men in black, but in blue.

HR has three goals given to them by the Eye:

1) Identify supernatural talents strong enough to be useful to the Illuminati and recruit them into the Illuminati power structure and make sure those supernatural talents get the benefits that come with joining up.

2) Put down, subvert, or contain supernatural threats to Illuminati power that cannot be recruited.

3) Keep the civilian populace ignorant of the Secret World to prevent unrest in Illuminati territory.

HR is part recruiter, part social worker, part headhunter, part federal marshal, and part the man in black. HR staff are often the very first person a new bee sees when he or she is being recruited by the Illuminati, and it’s their job to make sure those new bees show up in the Labyrinth, ready for Kristin Geary. Not that anyone is "ready" for KG, but you know what we mean.

HR doesn’t do this out of the goodness of their hearts, or not ONLY out of the goodness of their hearts, but rather to support the Illuminati power structure. Having said that, this group of Illuminati are strongly characterized as being among the least morally corrupt of their kind. Maybe they aren’t entirely "good guys", but they are the "better” guys. As a rule they want to diplomatically reach a good resolution with the supernatural community and have a reputation for being mostly trustworthy.

Why would your character join Horseman Resources?

  • Maybe she joined the Illuminati, and after a series of interviews there, The Powers That Be suggested that she might be a good talent scout, recruiter, administrator, or soldier for Horseman Resources.

  • Maybe he lost someone to the supernatural, and views Horsemen Resources as a way to keep the supernatural from getting out of control.

  • Maybe she’s a badass with superb combat skills who’s looking to test herself against the best, or worst, the supernatural has to offer.

  • Maybe he’s a scheming Illuminati political operative who’s looking to find ways to leverage contacts among the monsters in the Secret World for his own advancement.

  • Maybe she’s charismatic, empathetic, and possesses a silver tongue and can use "sex, drugs, and Horsemen” to sweet-talk anyone into anything - even into joining the Illuminati. After all, it’s so much easier to resolve these problems through negotiation and a carefully-worded contract.

  • Maybe he’s a data specialist, computer intrusion expert, you know the type. He can use his skills to help identify and locate "problem areas”, as well as help with all the cover up afterwards. Not only that, but can you imagine what it takes to keep up with our "friends" in the supernatural community?

  • Maybe she’s a magus, a thaumaturge that can tell the laws of physics to sit down and shut up, with the firepower to make even the most hardened denizens of the Secret World take notice and enough knowledge to provide guidance to the group.

  • Maybe he’s a gun-runner, who can provide muscle and materiel to the group through his network of contacts - and a lot of good intel besides.

  • Maybe she’s a "front office” type - after all, Horsemen Resources needs people to process payroll, sign expense reports, and keep the calendar! Not only that, but SOMEONE has to listen to the emergency line so we can help support and defend the supernaturals that have agreed to our protection.

  • Maybe he’s a scientist, researcher, or doctor who is trading his skills for a chance to advance his pet projects, maybe even tapping some of the ‘recruits’ for experiments and who can use his skills to help bring recalcitrant creatures in line.

  • Maybe she’s a "negotiator” and by that we mean the type of person with the skills and resolve to tie ghoul to a chair and convince him to give up the rest of his warren.

  • Maybe he’s a cleaner, one of utterly unremarkable looking guys who seem to have a talent for creating a perfectly sterile scene without any oddly shaped bodies that would lead the local authorities to ask difficult questions.

  • Maybe she’s a monster, one who once got an offer from Horsemen Resources that she couldn’t refuse. After all, it takes one to know one sometimes...


Men In Black

Sleepy Hollow (and other American mythology and folktales)

Harry Dresden/Dresden Files



The Technocracy



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

John Constantine/Hellblazer

It's all about power.

Grabbing it. Keeping it. Using it.

Power is our currency, our DNA, our God.

We control the world.

We provide the blueprint and we give the instruction.

We're the people in grainy photos on grass knolls.

We're the shadowy faces in smoky backrooms and darkened boardrooms.

We're right here hiding in plain sight, buying and selling favors.

Blackmail, treason, deceit - these are our stock in trade.

We work the magic of drunken evenings with senators and chiefs of staff.

We shake down demons and negotiate with sorcerers.

We have stocks in hell and compromising photos of angels.

We use any means necessary regardless of the cost because the world is a bad place and you can either do or get done.

We're the Illuminati, and we're not done.

Why are we here? Is there a greater purpose?

Who the hell cares.

The Illuminati doesn't have all the answers - Just most of 'em.

Y'see, knowledge is power.

Knowledge is currency.

Someone is going to buy, sell, and trade it.

Someone's gotta use it to grease the wheels of industry, the military, the government.

We party hard, and we fight even harder.

It's a pecking order; you rule the playground, you call the shots.

And come what may, we're always in control.