Erotic or Adult Roleplaying Advice
ERP is erotic roleplay. This is any sort of sexual RP between characters. Like many other types of sexual conduct, it means something a little bit different to everyone. It could be flirting in character, making out and then "fading to black", or it could be a pretty graphic description of intimacies.

ERP has not ever been and will not ever be a cabal activity in the Devil's Due. The majority of the Devil's Due isn't interested in it and those sort of things fade to black (FTB) and are not RPed. If the majority of your publicly visible RP seems to be soliciting, having, or talking about sex or titillation - you don't belong here. This sort of stuff - at most - is an interesting side-dish on the RP-buffet and not the main course. We have far more interesting stories to tell.

Having said that, as a group, we're willing to turn a blind eye to it if it's done privately and safely and never ever ends up on a cabal leader's "radar". Our people are adults and we do not police their private activities. We chose to address the issue directly, since the metaconspiracy is based on adult themes, and to have an open and frank discussion about what our rules and social norms are so people aren't making mistakes based on ignorance. If you’re curious about ERP, then these are some things you should consider to protect yourself. Your safety and privacy are your responsibility

As a social group, with a reputation to consider, we want to make sure that if you choose to ERP, that you do so privately, safely, and responsibly for the good of yourself and the Devil's Due. If you choose not to make good judgments along these lines, you will be asked to leave.

If you don't like ERP, it should be easy to avoid

If you don't like ERP, you won't be exposed to it. Our chat on Enjin and in game is SFW, and the cabal leaders and metaconspirators are quick to correct people who toe the line.

You are not and will never be required to participate in any sort of RP that you are not comfortable with. If at any point you’re uncomfortable, type "I’m uncomfortable with this” and leave the scene (log out, leave the page, leave the group). That is the adult way to handle it and everyone will support you.

ERP is completely against Funcom's code of conduct and you can be banned for doing it

You may not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language. This includes all communication with other players. LINK

By doing this in game you are running the risk of being banned if someone complains.

There are seriously unbalanced people out there. Protect yourself; be anonymous

Make sure your digital identity used for ERP is a couple of steps removed from your IRL identity. Don't use your work or personal email address or any variant of your real name. Make it impossible for any of your ERP partners to actually find you or contact you IRL. There are numerous horror stories of unbalanced ERP partners turning into stalkers and making contact with people in real life.

The internet never forgets. You don't want a potential employer googling you and finding this. Or one of your family members, students, or colleagues. Remember that whoever you're ERPing with can copy the log and distribute it without your knowledge or consent. Take whatever actions are necessary to obscure your identity.

Establish expectations and boundaries beforehand

You can save yourself a lot of frustration with a simple OOC (out of character) discussion about what you want and what you expect from the other person(s). Did you know that X is only interested in people of one particular gender? Did you know that Y hates that particular sex act? Did you know that Z is actually a woman disguised as a man? Do you have only 30 min to play? Ask OOC, "are you sure you're okay with this?" or "are you sure you have enough time for this?” That's polite, and may save you a lot of frustration.

No means no

If, for any reason, from the first flirting to being in the thick of it and your partner(s) suddenly change their mind, then back off. If they say "don't contact me again" then don't pursue or pester that person or be a creeper. If you aren't sure whether or not you're being a creeper, then assume you are and back off. Regardless, if someone tells you to go away, then GO AWAY.

If you say no, people will think you mean no. It is bad RP to say no and mean yes - it leads to confusion and frustration. If you're looking to do a nonconsensual scene (nonconsensual between characters, consensual between players) work out the details OOC clearly ahead of time.

Age of consent is a thing

Age of consent laws vary from country to country and sometimes within a country. The metconspiracy application asks if a person is 18, but has no way to independently verify that. Online age verification is challenging, even for the experts (LINK). The TSW terms of service (LINK) part 4A states that:

You may establish a Service account ("Account”) only if you are (i) a "natural person,” (ii) at least 18 years of age or older, and (iii) of the age of majority in your place of residence and legally able to enter into and be bound by such an agreement according to the laws of your country. By accepting this Terms of Service, you hereby represent and warrant that you meet each of these eligibility requirements.

So, theoretically, everyone in the metaconspiracy and playing TSW is at least 18 years of age. You may choose to take the terms of service at face value. That's up to you, we are not lawyers, and have no advice on this subject.

Don’t seek out underage partners or pretend to be underage

Every actual player should be at least 18 and every character should be roleplayed as if they were at least physically and mentally 18. This is for everyone’s protection. Within the Devil's Due this is not negotiable.

What happens in party chat STAYS in party chat

Please don't gossip about ERP. ERP requires vulnerability and trust to show another human being your secret desires. If you want to talk about ERP, keep the identity of your partners private. You should never "out" someone as an ERPer. Also, do not copy and save the chat log of an ERP encounter without asking the other person if it's okay to do so.

You can only control your own actions and body

You can't describe how the other person reacts or feels. The other person could decide that their character wouldn't react or feel that way. Keep your actions focused on what your own character does and says. You can be a dominant partner and boss the other person around, but that's still limited to you describing what your own character says and does. Even when writing as a dominant, you should include words that indicate the other player has a choice of how to respond to your actions.

Good: I reach over to rip off your shirt.

Bad: I rip your shirt off.

The first option gives the other person the choice of either going with you taking the shirt off or doing something else. The second option give the other player no choices.

Avatar does not = real person - Don’t ask, don’t tell

Very few of us are as good looking as our avatars. People may wish to explore ERP as males, females, hermaphrodites, homosexuals, bisexuals, omnisexuals, humans, catgirls, vampires, or who knows what. You have no idea who or what is on the other end of that avatar and it doesn't matter. Just go with it. You're RPing with the online fantasy character, not the real person.

Don’t ask other persons for their real-life gender, details, or contact information (no email address, no Skype, no telephone numbers, no ASL). They don’t matter AND you shouldn’t give people on the internet those sort of details anyway.  See the above advice about stalkers and creepers.

It’s the other person’s fantasy, too

Be as kind, generous, and understanding as you can with your partner(s). Think about the other person’s point of view, and try to indulge their fantasies and desires as much as you are comfortable with doing. Generally, a good ERPer wants to please you as much as you want to please him or her. The golden rule is in effect.

Reputation is reality

People only know what you show them. If your public RP is focused on sexual things then people are going to draw conclusions on that. Even if you TELL people "Oh, no, I do other things too..." they are not going to believe that because it's not what THEY SEE. When it comes to ERP in particular, actions speak far louder than words. Consider what public image you're crafting and be circumspect. Or not! But do so intentionally, knowing that opinions will be formed about that character.

ERP isn't a relationship - IC doesn’t equal OOC

Most people who are ERPing are looking for something recreational, not a relationship. If you’re looking for an online love interest, ERP might not be the best way to do it. If you ERP with someone, don’t expect a relationship afterwards. The characters being involved in the game doesn’t mean anything between you and the other player in real life.

Know and respect your limits

If you have a partner IRL, you may consider discussing the role of ERP in your relationship with that partner. Also, if you think you are too involved in ERP then you should know your limits and back off. Internet addiction is a real thing.

If you see someone violating the rules or the rules of common courtesy, say something politely and/or report it

If you see someone crossing the line of ERP in public, please ask them politely and privately to move the discussion to somewhere else, like tells or a party chat channel. They might tell you off, though at least you tried at that point. Don't get in an argument with them, just move along. If you see someone stalking or harassing someone, then do not confront them, but rather report the incident to a GM. We're not the police - we can just call the police.

Dealing with creepers

The internet is full of people who act deranged when cloaked in anonymity. If you think someone is creeping on you, they probably are, and you need to sever the connection quickly, cleanly, and with finality. You can't be their friend when they are confusing OOC and IC and it is up to you to be responsible and set good boundaries. Send them a clear, unequivocal message saying something like "This message is OOC. Do not contact me ever again. If you do, I will report you for harassment." Then block the person on every method of contact (in game, Twitter, Enjin, email, Skype).

If you make a bad decision or do something stupid, we are not responsible for it

If you ERP in public and get reported and banned, that’s your own fault. If you stalk, pester, annoy, or harass someone and get reported and banned, then that is also your own fault. If you use your real name and someone sends the chat log to your partner, then that is your own fault. Do not seek to involve this group in your problems. Furthermore, if someone complains to us about you and/or your actions in public, then you may to be asked to leave if you are demonstrating bad judgement. If you spend most of your public RP time finding, having, or talking about sex, you may also be asked to leave. You have been notified of the customs of the culture and you have been encouraged to be a good citizen. It’s your own personal responsibility to educate yourself and act wisely.

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