Stormchasers (aka the Center for Applied Cliodynamics, History, and Economics)
You used to have an ordered, predictable, directed life. Then... the Dragon. Now are you are the Claws and Eyes of the dragon: a dangerous butterfly, a gentle agitator, a deadly agent of chaos set loose in the world. Often you do not know why you are asked to do things, but you do them nonetheless.

The Dragon are running an experiment, testing the systems.  Their beautiful butterflies of chaos go flap their wings, start hurricanes, and when they introduce more data to the system, the Dragon gets more data in return.  Bong Cha, the Voice of the Dragon, said that everyone is part of the equation.  The Dragon has predictions, designs, models... but the Dragon always needs more pieces of the puzzle. The Dragon are the platonic ideal of hackers.  Not computer hackers; any script kiddie can hack a computer network. 
We, the Dragon, are hacking history - hacking Gaia. If we can hack the system, we can control it.

Everyone wants to know secrets, but I’ll let you have that one for free: we’re the Dragon and we seek power and control by using chaos to fully perceive the workings of the universe. Everything can be manipulated into usefulness by those who truly understand the very nature of things, and we’re finding more and more pieces that fit together.
Often you do not know why you are asked to do things, but you do them nonetheless. You do them, and then you move on to the next place like a leaf on the winds of change, rarely looking back, rarely considering your role in the experiment, your contribution to the database, your part in the feedback loop.
So who goes out there to get the data to feed to the model? Who verifies the predicted outcomes are within nominal parameters? Who counts the corpses? Who analyzes the collateral damage? Who sifts through the wreckage? Who goes into the world to see what the flapping of little butterfly wings has wrought?
We do.
Think of us like heavily-armed, anima-gifted, combat-ready stormchasers. It’s a fitting name - we wade into the problems that send others screaming. That’s what the Dragon call us, Stormchasers. We are the Dragons that gather up the pearls of knowledge.
Why are we coming to you? It might be because the Voice of the Dragon told us to do so, and we don’t know why. It might be because you’ve demonstrated that you are exceptionally skilled at what you do and we have a need for your talents. It might be because we see potential in you. I’ll let you think about that for a while, my friend, let you run your own models and come to your own conclusions. I hear you have a head for figuring things out...
We are the Dragon’s data gatherers and analysts. We are the ones who find the puzzle pieces, even if we can’t see how they fit together. Formally, we are a special analytical unit that works semi-independently for the Voice in addition to whatever duties the Dragon would assign to us.
We have a cover as a non-partisan, non-governmental, social policy, economics, and security think tank called the "Center for Applied Cliodynamics, History, and Economics” (or CACHE). We have a big shiny building not far from the beach in Saigon, Vietnam. This provides us with a venue to host meetings as well as private offices and labs, a financial framework to contribute to super PACs and pay bribes (for all that there is any difference between the two), and an IT system to house the servers that host our databases.
Some people call the ability to mathematically and quantitatively understand the path of history so that it can be modeled and predicted the science of "cliodynamics”. These scientists, economists, historians, and mathematicians seek to create models and algorithms that explain or predict the functioning and dynamics of society. There’s more information below that has been leaked to the public as part of CACHE. Oh, don’t worry... this isn’t an unplanned leak. It’s just part of an ongoing crowdsourcing/social media experiment we’re monitoring. You don’t have to know the calculus behind it, nor the mathemagical thaumaturgy it’s based on. Not everyone here was hired for their analytical skills, but if you wanted to see what sort of public outreach we have, this is what it looks like.
Out of Character:
You can contact any of us in-game for more information or to meet up for some IC roleplay.  We like RPing with new people - so don't be shy.
If you’ve played a Dragon character as far as entering Kingsmouth, you’ve met the chaos mathematician in the lobby of the Kumiho Hotel, and you’ve met Bong Cha, Voice of the Dragon. You’ve learned a little bit about the grand experiment that the Dragon is running. This cabal is a tiny part of the machine that analyzes the data the Dragon gets from that experiment.
The Stormchasers are a special analytical unit that combines a fair amount of investigation skills with creativity and resilience. Given that the Dragon are trying to build their grand unifying model of reality, someone has to go out and actually get the data. The Dragon may send agents into the world, but they agents often have no clue why they’re doing things or what the consequences are. The Stormchasers monitor those events, analyze the results, and report back to the Voice.
For whatever reason, either the Voice of the Dragon has assigned your character to the Stormchasers, or the Stormchasers have approached your character because they need help. It’s a group with some measure of prestige within the Dragon, so the invitation is a small honor. By joining the Stormchasers, you know you’ll have help with whatever your "normal” duties are as well as a few very interesting additional assignments.
In game, the Stormchasers cabal has a 4-tiered "Technocracy” governmental structure because we use The Institute for Applied Cliodynamics as a cover. The ranks are Researcher, Specialist, Technologist, and Lead Scientist.
The symbol for CACHE is an endless, interconnected loop, which is a common symbol for the science of cliodynamics. The symbol of the Stormchasers is a dragon who has collected a pearl of knowledge, with stormclouds contained within it, as well as a cliodynamics symbol.
Also, by the way, Cliodynamics is a real thing. There’s a cliodynamicist working at University of Connecticut (Peter Turchin) who can, theoretically, predict cycles of violence using mathematical models. His work was published in Nature, and Nature is arguably the most prestigious hard science journal on the planet, so the IRL scientific community is paying attention.
Is Real Life imitating The Secret World, or are the Dragon working behind the scenes?